Future of Magazines!

Hi Beauties,

Today we got my Mum's subscribers edition of Marie Claire, It had the beautiful Blake Lively from Gossip Girl as the cover girl, and it was so heavy, me and Mum could not work out why!

We looked through the first couple of pages, mainly the adverts of the gorgeous perfume and makeup, and then we found a little screen in with the Dolce & Gabbana perfume. This was a surprise the reason the magazine was so heavy is because there is the little screen in it, and when you turn the page of the Dulce & Gabbana advert it starts to play an advert! Crazy I know, this is what I assume the future of magazine will be. I have never ever seen anything like it, the sound and picture quality is amazing too.

I am still baffled by this, it is amazing!!

Mia xxx


  1. OMG that is AMAZING! Must've of cost a bomb to do that! x

    1. Yeah, it is so cool! I would imagine it would have been so much money!! x