Hi Beauties,

So I thought I would show you all the products I have just brought some from shops and some from Amazon.

So I am very exited about these products and I'm loving using them so far.

1) The Dunlop shoes I got these for £3.90 with free shipping from amazon, they are super comfy and really cheap as they were reduced. The stitching in a few places is not to good, but it is bearable and holds fine! 

2)The cyberdog crop top, Camden is one of my favorite places to shop and I am very very lucky to have a sister who works in cyberdog. So you can get this fracture crop tee for £15.00 I love it and Cyberdog is an amazing, alternative and unique shop with loud pumping music and bright lights! Although some things I admire but would never wear ( I don't think I can pull off the cyberpunk look) other things are nice I am always loving there t-shirts!

3) The cover girl lip stain my colour is 430 and I love using it, it is too bright for school but really nice product good quality perfect for a night out and a must have in the make up bag, I got mine from Amazon. The liquid pen eyeliner, I can not use normal liquid eyeliner I can only use the pen, not sure why but I love this a perfect brush and waterproof. The company is KG but I have never heard of this brand before so not sure about it, but it again is a nice product, another Amazon purchase!

Hope you liked the products!

Make sure you check out cyberdog and always keep your eyes peeled for bargins on Amazon!

Mia xxx


  1. those shoes are really cute! I am your newest follower :) xo

    1. Thank you, and brilliant love your blog! x