Azure Boutique Interview!

Hello Beauties,

Hope we are all doing well! Started back at school today, feels like I need another holiday again! 

Today I am posting an interview with the very lovely Vicki from Azure Boutique Link here.
I am excited about this interview as it is such a beautiful jewelry site with some hand made bits and bobs too! All of it is beautiful and affordable.

Here is the interview:

1) When was your store created?
August 2012

2)What is your favorite item in your online shop?
Ermine, probably the Black Feather Earrings Link here because they're the most unlike me products I've made and they've actually made me a bit more daring when wearing jewellery myself because I usually only wear tiny studs. Oh and the cat ears ring, because its so cute! Link here.

3) Before creating your site, where there any other sites that inspired you? if not what did inspire you to create it?
Mostly High Street like Topshop, Miss Selfridge or ASOS. I used to use Big Cartel quite a lot too for little independent store, which made me pick there to launch my own store too.

4) What advice would you give to a new online shop/ someone looking to create one?
 Hard work pays off....eventually! And don't worry about similar stores, be original and you'll make it....hopefully I'll get there someday too hehe

5) Have you noticed any trends lately?
I've seen thick knitted jumpers with huge necklace like embellishments on, love that! Monochrome too!

6) Where did the name Azure come from? (why did you decide on that name)
Basically because my favorite colour is blue and Azure is a kind of blue (Google told me like a Summers Day kind of blue!) and it sounds pretty!

7)If you could have any celeb dead or alive in the world, to model your jewelry who would it be?
Oh that's so tough. At the min I love Emma Stone, she's such a babe!

It was so lovely getting to a bit more about Azure Boutique. Make sure you follow Azure Boutique on Twitter and Facebook:

Twitter: Here.
Facebook: Here.

Mia xoxo


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