These Odds interview

Hi Beauties and fashionistas,

Sorry I have not been around much lately, I have been so busy with school (so much coursework ahhh)  Also I have some secret for now but very exciting news!

Anyway no more excuses, back to the post! I have grabbed an interview with the creator of the online thrift store These Odds. These Odds, is sadly based in America (Atlanta), but don't worry as it ships world wide!!! I really love the items on the website, every piece is lovely and it has a very beautiful layout! Not to mention it is all in a teenagers price range!

So here is what I asked Lakecia:

1.     When was your store created:
a.     These Odds was founded on April 25th 2013. We’re an online thrift store trying to cultivate a habit of thrifting.

2.     What made you want to create your store?
a.     I never thought of thrifting as a last resort and I think that’s a pretty big misconception. Growing up in Portland Oregon allowed me the opportunity for exposure to flea markets, the concept of recycling, and a sense of individuality. I want people to realize that everything you really need to furnish your individual style is already there and half the fun is finding it!

3.     If you could have any celeb or model dead or alive to model your clothes, who would it be?
a.     Ellie Fox. (swoon)

4.     Where do you see your store in 10 years time?
a.     In 10 years I want These Odds influence new respect pre-loved clothing. I’d like to have us as a regular shopping destination for women and men of all ages. (Yes, men’s clothing will be available in the near future)

5.     What's your favorite item in store?

a.     The Guess vintage high waist shorts. They are absolutely perfect in every way that I contemplate daily on whether I should honestly let them go!

I loved talking to Lakecia and getting the inside scoop of These Odds, it's a fabulous store with a unique sense of style!

Visit These Odds here: Click here!
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What our your thoughts on These Odds?

Mia xoxo


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