Amie Skincare Morning clear facial wash!

Hi Everyone,

So yesterday there was an Amie Skincare giveaway! Today here is a review of the product! I was also sent a bottle to try out myself!

I love finding new facial washes and skincare bits and bobs, it's one of my favorite things to post about! So I was very keen to try Amie's Morning clear purifying facial wash!

The packaging was lovely, with a powder pink tube and the Nam 'Amie" in silver metallic writing, it's very simple but elegant and it all links in with being natural and giving the fell that there are no nasty chemicals in the bottle!
The facial wash consists of 96% natural ingredients, here are a few of the ingredients: Orange blossom,elderflower, raspberry and mayblossom.

It is PH balanced and soap free! It is in an 150ml tube. Suitable for sensitive skin, vegans and vegetarians.

The colour of the wash, is a very light pink, sort of mimicking the colour of the tube itself.
I love finding natural skincare washes, as it means I won't be putting all the nasty harsh chemicals on my skin! This is a perfect example of a natural nice skincare wash, it does not dry out the skin, it keeps it fresh and soft!
It removed my excess makeup, dirt and really helped to tackle the pores on my nose! It gave my skin a beautiful refreshed glow!
At first I was a bit nervous and confused to use it, as it does not really bubble or lather up, I thought maybe I was using it wrong, as it seemed more like a facial lotion, but then I soon realised that I loved the fact it does not create bubbles! It made it seem even more natural, and really moisturised my skin!

At £4.95 you really can't go wrong with this prime example of perfect natural skincare, it looks great and feels great! And I know as soon as I run out I will be purchasing more!

To win a bottle of this click HERE!
To look at more of the Amie range click HERE

What are your favorite natural skincare items?

Mia xoxo
*These were PR samples, but all views are my own!


  1. I have 2full bottles of this that have never been opened so shall try it now! Beth May Blogs
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  3. i love this cleanser too! following your blog now!

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