Ginvera Green tea BB Cream and EXCLUSIVE Discount code

    Hello beauties and Fashionistas,

So although I have done a couple of reviews throughout my 'giveaway a day birthday celebration.' This is my first one since it's been over. The giveaway winners will be notified very soon I am just checking all the entries as it was part of my policy. Can you believe it, it's been over a year now, since my blog was born, it's been crazy, I have now been featured in yesterday's (27.07.13) TimesMagazine, I had to go into London for a photoshoot and interview with them, that's also the secret I have been keeping, I will try do a better post on it later!

Okay back to this little beauty (sorry got a bit sidetracked) You may have entered my giveaway to win another Ginvera product, the marvel gel, and you also may have read my review on it, if not here it is Here, sadly the giveaway is over, but it's an amazing product. The Ginvera Green tea range is filled with products, and each product is packed with natural ingredients.
This is Ginvera's Green tea nude cover BB cream. I have never been a huge fan of BB creams, I usually find them too sticky, and seem to melt off my face when ever i gets hot, so I have not had good past experiences with BB creams, I am a powder foundation gal myself, well...I was a powder foundation gal...not any more, I am a Ginvera gal!


So here is the bottle, I was sent the 25ml, which retails for £18. As you can see it comes in a green tube, like the other products and has the logo in lovely metallic writing, I like how it is simple, but it's elegant and it's very pleasant to the eye. 
One of the reasons I was super excited to try this and nervous at the same time is that it is one shade for everyone! It blended to my skin perfectly, and it's the perfect shade, so there was no reason to be nervous!

So How what did I think of the BB cream? It was unlike any other BB cream I had tried, it was not as sticky as all the other BB creams I had tried, it had a nice smell to it, I am not too sure what the scent was, possibly green tea, either way it smelled really nice! Really easy to apply I used my fingers and got a perfect flawless complexion, no streaks or orange lines, I think a brush would be just as good. 
Lately it has been so hot that it gave me the perfect opportunity to really put this BB cream to the test, I don't wear that much makeup in the heat  as it always smudges or melts off. I was interested to see how this BB cream would do! It passed my heat test with flying colours, it stayed put perfectly, no smudges and it didn't melt off my face! Not only that it has an spf 30, to keep me protected!

You can get this BB cream here CLICK HERE! it comes in 2 different sizes a 25 ml (RRP £18) or 40 ml (RRP £26)

BB cream swatch before blended
BB cream Swatch after blended.


 So Why Green Tea? Well the range's main ingredient is Green tea extract, and the clever people at Ginvera have also added soybean extract and some other natural ingredients, this is so all the ginvera products make your skin clearer and cleaner and help give you an amazing complexion.
Green tea contains 20x more anti-oxidant strength than Vitamin C, which makes it a perfect ingredient in a skincare range! It also is said to slow down ageing!

I have been working with Janiro, who are the distributors, they have been so lovely and give me a 20% discount for all my readers across the entire Green tea range! Click Here for the entire range. I strongly recommend that you give this ago, I have tried the Marvel gel and BB cream, and have fallen head over heels in love! The code is up and live! You have one month to use it!

The code is : tbb001

Have you tried any of the range? If not what would you try?

Mia xoxo
*These were PR samples, but all views are my own!


  1. Wow the BB creams looks so good! I love green tea!
    Fashion Ganache.

  2. Great post! Looks really good I'm in the exact position you were in I'm yet yo find a bb cream that won't melt off in the heat! Wuold absoloutly love to try this out, but would rather bu it from a store. Do you know if they sell it in a uk drugstore? :)