pink addiction

Hey everyone,

I love finding the perfect scents for summer, it's even better when I find the perfect scent for all year round, and luckily I have found one! I was sent a bottle of pink addiction by Dore Dion.
Pink addiction launched in Harrods on June 1st, it was set up by Nabila, she set up Dore Dion because she was looking for perfume for her 13 year old sister and couldn't find any, and then pink addiction was born!


Lets start with packaging, it came beautifully packaged in a pink glittery box, with a lovely note! Every thing was pink which ties into the name and also got me very excited!  I received a 50ml bottle and a pair of pink gem stone earrings which were being handed out to the 1st 100 customers!
The packaging was lovely simple and I love the flowers, it has the logo on in big and it all goes perfectly  with the actual bottle of perfume! 10/10 for packaging!


These are the pink earrings, they're beautiful, again they go with the packaging, they're not too big and sit perfectly on my ear lobes!


The actual perfume bottle is great, there are gemstones in the flowers and its in a pink clear bottle!
The scent, that's the most important part! I often find it incredibly hard to find a perfume that my Mum likes, we like different types I prefer sweet, and she prefers more musky smells! She often comments that my perfume is too sickly or artificial! Until now, oh yes finally me and Mum have found a perfume we both like, she's actually been wearing some of this even though its directed at teens! Which is great as its suitable really for all ages!
It's a very floral scent but its not too child like, almost sophisticated, but at the same time it's not adult.
It has top notes of cranberry, winter lemon and Madagascan jasmine. Middle notes of cream white pearl peony and cerise flower. Finally the base notes are soft blonde wood and snowy patchouli.
It's a perfect scent for all year round as its refreshing and floral but also warming and musky!

Dore Dion is the perfume company and are very proud to have pink addiction made in the UK even the bottle is made in the UK, they are helping to support British workers!

A 50 ml bottle costs £19.95 and you can get from Harrods! 

                                 What is your favourite scent for all year round!?

                                                               Mia xoxo
*These were PR samples, but all views are my own!



  1. Aw how lovely =] So cute that they gave out earrings with the perfume! It sounds gorgeous to be fair, and I'm a sucker for pink packaging :P I'd have to say my summer fave is Calvin Klein 'Shock' =]
    Marnimay x

  2. How long is the wear time on the perfume? Did you find it wore off quickly or was it long lasting?