DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom and Gift With Purchase

I think I have found my perfect summer fragrance, DKNY Fresh Blossom is very fresh and very floral, which is exactly what I like in a perfume. I believe it mimics a similar smell to that of the first bloom of apple blossom, and I definitely think there is a hint of that in this scent. It's girly, sophisticated and fresh, it lasts for hours too!

It is a Fragrance with benefits! I had no idea you could get such a good smelling Eau De Toilette with such fantastic benefits. It claims to moisturise and smooth dry skin, make skin radiant and smooth and refine the surface of skin. I do think my skin felt more nourished in the places I spritzed it, and it felt smoother too, sadly not radiant though. Two out of the three benefits I found were true so I am very happy with that!

The scent contains American Apple, Cucumber, Grapefruit, Rose, Tuberose , White Amber and a whole array of other fruity and delectable smelling things. You definitely tell it's very fruity but you can smell hints of floral and woody scents too. It lasts for at least six hours, and I have been wearing it every day at school! I think it's the perfect day fragrance and great for summer.

This scent is exclusively at boots. 50ml retails for £39.99 and 100ml retails for £54. To make this scent even better, you can currently get a free gift with purchase, and this gift is a black DKNY tote bag, that I will be using for sixth form next year. It's the perfect size for a school bag, beach bag (great with all this hot weather at the moment) or over night bag! Whatever you do, you will find a use for it! It's black and super chic, very trendy and it really is perfect for the beach, so if you don't go to school why not take a trip to the sea side and catch some sun!


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