Elemis FreshSkin getting me through revision

Today I finished my 10 hour art exam! It means I never have to do art again (which I have mixed emotions about, as I do find it really therapeutic). It was a lot of preparation, but the hardest part was probably having to be silent for an epic 10 hours, it was hard! Now that this exam is over I only have 16 more left and I think it's time for me to show you how I am getting through revision.

Revision for me is tedious, it has to be done, I just wish there was a more amusing way of doing it. At the end of the day though if it means good grades then I will happily spend my entire time revising (which I am). Elemis have been helping me through this painstakingly slow time. I was sent a surprise revision survival kit, that did contain some sweets...but well I got a little hungry whilst taking photos hence why they are not in any photos!

My skin has been a mess. It has not been my main concern and with stress too, it has just started an uprising which involves some infuriating breakouts. Luckily my Elemis parcel arrived just in time! It contained three items that have totally saved my dull, rebellious skin. And I am not just saying that, it really has, I have seen such a dramatic improvement in the last 2 weeks.

The products inside were:

  1. Tired Eyes Soothing Eye Rescue
  2. Dreamy Sleep Night-Time Moisturiser
  3. Deep Clean Purifying Mask & Magical Moisture Quenching Mask
I have developed my own little routine, with these products. Once a week I use one of the masks. I f I am suffering a break out or I have some pesky black heads I will use Deep Clean Purifying Mask and if my skin feels tight and dry I'll use the Magical Moisture Mask. I then also use Tired Eyes Soothing Eye Rescue every morning, I have been having a lot of late nights staying up revising, and my eyes have been really feeling it! Every night before bed I apply the Night-Time Moisturiser, this means I wake up with beautifully quenched skin.

I now no longer have bags under my eyes (thanks to Tired Eyes Soothing Eye Rescue). My entire face feel quenched (thanks to Dreamy Sleep). Plus I don't have any spots or blackheads. These products have combatted pretty much everything. The prices are a little steep which is the only downside, but they do really work, especially on my oily teen skin.

How cute are those pencils? (They are all I used in my art exam).

*This was a PR sample but ALL views are my own!*


  1. Absolutely know what you mean about stress-induced breakouts!