REN skincare

I'm back!! I know 7 days has been a long time, I really have missed writing but with exams, projects and other family things it's all ben a little crazy for me. Enough excuses, here is my latest blog post!

Truthfully I have never use a hot cloth cleanser before, so this was a very new experience for me.  I have to say it's been a pleasant experience. This REN Hot cloth cleanser  comes in a 150ml bottle with a RRP of £16.00 so quite a lot for a cleanser. As I used it though I can understand why the price is so steep. The quality of the product is out of this world, it smells great, and really works wonders on the skin. It really help decongest the dirt and dead skin on my face leaving it silky smooth and much healthier looking. This is for all skin types, and actually my Mum is a big fan of this one, she is constantly using it. I really loved it, but with such a high price I am not so sure it's best for the teen market also it is a little oily on the skin, so if you have quite oily skin this might not be for you, normal or dry skin though this is the perfect product!

The little pouch next to my Hot Cloth cleanser is V-cense Flash Rinse one minute facial. This product is packed full of Vitamin C and is meant to brighten your skin as well as removing those pesky blackheads. It comes in a paste and is a pale green. It feels a little rough too. After applying it, I found it was really gentle on my skin and did actually make it appear brighter, my skin felt great and healthy and some blackheads had disappeared. I was overall very impressed, although the results didn't last as long as I would have liked overall I think it's a winner.

*This was a PR sample- But all views are my own*


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