The Taming of The Hair

I inherited my fathers wavy and frizzy hair! Somehow my twin brother managed to get lucky with straight hair, I on the other hand did not. To prevent my frizz I have been taking some precautions, and especially with this hot sun and humidity, my hair is at it's worst! Luckily I have had a whole lot of Frizz Ease by John Frieda, and it really does make it easy to tame my hair.

Let's start with the Miraculous recovery intensive masque. I love hair masques they give you a chance to really condition and look after your hair as well as relaxing with it on ( I personally like to get out the latest issue of wallpaper whilst I have it on).  This one smells great, it smells fresh and clean pretty much what any hair product should smell like in my opinion and it contains avocado oil. After washing my hair instead of using my normal conditioner I apply this (I do it once every two weeks) and leave it on, allowing it to nourish and moisturise my hair as well as taming that pesky frizz. After washing if off, my hair feels silky it looks healthy and shiny and there is no frizz in sight!

My favourite of them all is Miraculous Recovery creme serum. You can use this on wet or dry hair, so it really is a staple in my hair routine. I usually use it after I have washed my hair, but if my hair needs an extra bit of taming, I will use it on my dry hair just before I go out the door. It smooths my hair, smells splendid and it also nourishes and repairs any damages too! All you need is one pump and you are ready to go, so quick and easy!

Nourishing Oil Elixir, smells just like a hair salon...which I love! it's a new product and it's designed to block the frizz. It's a little like having knights protect your castle, and your hair is the castle...okay I am not good with metaphors! It has 2 times the frizz power, so I only use it on my awful bad hair days where I need all the help I can possibly get. You can use it on wet or dry hair, and you just need to run one pump through your hair! My hair after use looks healthy, it's shiny and smells so good! The only thing is, because it's an oil, if you are prone to greasy hair, then it might not be the best product for you! It contains argon oil and is a little miracle if you have bad hair days like me!

We all use Shampoo and Conditioner, and my new favourites are the Smooth Start shampoo and conditioner,  and they do exactly what they say...give a smooth start to my day! They nourish every strand of hair, making it healthy and taming that frizz. It smells beautiful too! It ensures that your hair is smooth as can be! I couldn't live with out it now!

*This was PR sample but all views are my own*


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