Batiste to the rescue

I try to make sure I am not constantly wash my hair as it washes my dye out, so to keep my hair looking, shiny, fresh and healthy between washes I use Batiste!

This mont Batiste have launched Heavenly Volume dry shampoo* and it is literally the answer to my prayers (which is also the caption they have been using). For starters it smells amazing! There seems to be this lovely sweet vanilla scent from this can, which is the kind of scent I love! It instantly gives your hair lift and body, which is perfect as I always wake up with awful flat bedhead hair. There is no stickiness or lumpiness in it which I find lots of volumising dry shampoo can have.  Use it like you would any other dry shampoo and it will be your hair guardian angel.

My hair is always so dry so to keep it moisturised and happy I use the Smoothing conditioning mist* which contains Argan Oil. It gives it a lovely shine and makes it feel much more healthier. I use it after it's dried or after I have used a dry shampoo. It's proved to be quite a life saver.


  1. Couldn't agree more! Batiste the life saver!

    Becca x

  2. Have you tried the batiste nourish and enrich dry shampoo it's my favourite