Elegant Touch X HOH Nailed it!

I have always beens a gel and shellac kind of girl, however it always takes so long to do. However recently I am loving Elegant Touch's nails, especially the ones with House of Holland*.

They have no drying time and are very quick to put on it's a win win product! Not to mention you get longer nails and super cool designs instantly, how have I not discovered these before? I am wearing Glitter Star, which are my favourite, they're a great length and I am a sucker for glitter. I have been wearing these for 4 days and there is no sign of them coming of yet, and in the past they have lasted for ages, so they are worth the investment.

They can be a bit of a hassle to get off, but as long as you follow the instructions you should be fine. Whatever you do don't pull them off, it will not do your nail any favours. Apart from that, I am in love with these and all the designs are beautiful! I have my eyes on a few more designs. These are perfect if you are trying to get ready to go out in a hurry too!


  1. I LOVE this collection, it's perfect and love the shape. Unfortunately I absolutely cannot cope with false nails, drive me nuts.