Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman: The Secret Service a british spy film, where Austin Powers trades his mojo for a class of scotch. I saw it at a 4DX cinema, which basically means you have air and water blown on your face while your seat gently punches you in the back. So the 4DX was totally not needed, can't really say I enjoyed that part.

The film was interesting, it made bespoke tailors look like James Bond, I actually loved that idea, people in the fashion industry could totally be super heroes not just the people who make their capes. It actually was not too bad a film, it was comical, interesting and had some beautiful shots of London and England and not to mention, the suits were beautiful.

If there is a secret organisation of spies who pretend to be fashion and beauty bloggers and journalists...sign me up! (would be pretty cool if Vogue house had a secret bunker underneath it).

So what did I learn from Kingsman and a 4DX cinema:

  1. If your not wearing a bespoke suit, you're wearing a pair of Levi Jeans (yes I noticed that little red label on more than one occasion).
  2. If you're a spy on Saville Row, you read The Sun. (I was expecting at least a slightly classier Newspaper, but okay).
  3. Pugs are not bulldogs (watch the film - you'll get the reference).
  4. Always invest in waterproof eye makeup (being sprayed with water in a 4DX cinema will make that mascara run)


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