Label M - My hair heroes

My hair seems to have a mind of it's own, somedays it's frizzy and other days it's flat, it can never seem to make it's mind up.

I have always used a mixture of products and brands, but one brand that I always go back to is Label M. It really is the best brand, it always smells amazing and always doe exactly what it says it would, I can honestly say I have never had a bad product from Label M, each one I have tried has always been amazing and worked wonders, it's no surprise that they are always used for LFW the products are perfect.

These are my three hair hero products. I have had to be really careful on what I put on my hair lately as I have bleached it a fair bit to get it it's lilac colour.

The Relaxing Balm: I have been using this for ages now, it completely tames my hair. When it has frizzy and bad days, it relaxes the locks and gives them a more defined curl and a gorgeous shine. It also helps to protect against heat and is great for damaged hair (like mine). It is an A* product that smells amazing, with Grape, Cherry and Lavender.

Where would I be without the Texturising Volume Spray*? Probably the best smelling product and is a cross between hairspray and dry shampoo. It gives your hair a much thicker appearance and gives you an extra day before washing, which is perfect for me as I have been trying not wash my hair as much as it washes out the colour. Whats great too is that it really holds too, so no matter what you are doing you won't be worrying about your hair. Perfect if you want to have some bounce and shine with your hair down or if you want to style it up, it's a dream product.

The Sleek Blow Out Cream*: This is for when I am wanting straight and smooth hair. It makes my hair look and feel more moisturised, which is perfect for my bleached and dead hair. What's great about it is it creates a frizz-free finish! Doesn't smell as great as the other products but I would be lost without it!


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