London Fashion Week Day 1&2

London Fashion Week is back, the uber stylish and eccentric fashionistas are out, I am wrapped up with about 1000 vests on underneath my clothes and being jealous of everyone's style. This season candy coloured stripes are decorated on the walls and flags giving it a candy land/wizard of Oz feel.

It's always like walking around a real life exhibition, it’s filled with stunningly fashionable people, who you can’t help but stare and metaphorically drool at. You see such an array of style that it really blurs the line between art and fashion, my personal style is not quite as edgy or eclectic but I do love to hang out at the Somerset House courtyard in-between shows to snap some photos of brave and amazing people. 

This season I spent two days hanging out at the courtyard and backstage at the Fashion scout shows. Backstage has an amazing sense of chaos, runners and helpers are sprinting, ironing and steaming, while there is an overwhelming aroma of hairspray, chaos never looked so stylish. What’s so lovely about it, is every single person there is in love with what they are doing, which makes it the grooviest and most passionate place to be.

Not only was I snapping and staring but I was also capturing some photos for the brilliant app Depop as I was one of their Fashion Week Bloggers! If you haven't downloaded it yet, where have you been? Get onto the app store now! So you may see a few of my images pop up here and there. You can also find my Deopo account here! 

Some snaps of my outfit will be live within the week, so stay tuned! Check out my social media channels for more backstage and street style photos, I had a ball.

The lovely Phoebe is wearing Marc by Marc and Topshop here.


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