London to Paris

 As you would've seen by the vast almost shocking amount of parisian photos on my Instagram I went to Paris last week.

Yes I journeyed across the pond to the beautiful, famous, French city (and this time it wasn't for DisneyLand). I can't say I was wild about getting up at 4 in the morning, (trying to put contacts in at the awful hour might be the hardest thing I have had to face yet) however I would do it again and again if it meant I could spend even more time in Paris.

I was prepared with my trusty pair of Nikes and Fuji Film Instax mini camera, two things I almost never leave home without. I had timed the trip perfectly as it was the penultimate day of Men's Fashion Week over there, which meant there was a high standard of street style which put my Nikes to shame.

I successfully left my list of places to go at home (I am a big list maker), however I remembered all the places I really wanted to go to and of course Colette was at the top of that list. Colette was packed with the most fashionable people you could imagine, it was so busy, I loved it!

As you walked down the road, you could watch all the street style photographers stop and take photos of trendy people having Coffee. It was so magical. Lunch was at Hotel Costes, which smelled amazing (their own brand candles were lit everywhere and the aroma from them was to die for). Of course half way trough my club sandwich I stopped as the tall goddess that is Karlie Kloss walked in. However after seeing her I quickly resumed eating again...the sandwich was that good.

All in all the day was packed, I was completely dead after visiting APC, Lanvin, Killiwatch, Twins For Peace, Paul and Joe Sister and Cafe Flore for tea. I have never felt more alive when feeling dead, it was a truly unforgettable day.


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