Review: Brow Lift

Looking after your brows has never been so popular, especially with people like Cara D on the seen. Charlotte Tilbury has made the swiss army knife of eyebrow products, a three in one pencil that is an absolute life saver.

Eyebrows when done right can change your entire face and even lift it, there are three colours in this product and all are inspired from supermodels.

Designed to shape, lift and shade, this product has everything you will need. The brush helps to shape, the highlighter and powder to lift and the cream pencil to shape.

Grace K is the lightest of all of them, I find it's incredibly natural in shade and can make the brows look very realistic, I was so impressed with the difference it made. It did make a difference and it lasts all day, so you don't have to worry about your eyebrows melting off (which is never a good look). If you have over plucked or wax, I really recommend it, it will help you draw the hairs on individually and make the brows look much thicker. The cream pencil can be quite hard, but after using it and practising with it, I found it soften and it became much easier to use.

I think £22.50 is not a bad price either for this product, it is three in one and is great quality, so it's worth the investment.

*This was a PR sample - ALL views are my own*


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