The 5 Best Perfumes For Teens

A good scent for teenagers is something playful, girly and sweet, I have tracked down my top 5 scents which are perfect for all year long, who knows maybe one of these might become your signature scent!

DKNY MYNY comes in a really cute bottle in the shape of heart, it's meant to capture the essence of New York, it's quite sophisticated but still very playful, so it's perfect if you're a teen who likes a slightly more musky mature scent. A 50ml bottle is £31.99 and can be purchased from Boots.

Hugo Woman is a new fragrance by Hugo Boss. Probably the most sophisticated of all 5 scents, it's woody but very fruity, again if you want something a little bit more grown up this is for you. It is also perfect if you need a scent to wear when going out or for a formal event. 30ml bottle retails for £35ml and can agin be purchased from Boots.
007 for women is also new, who hasn't wanted to be a Bond girl? Well now you can smell like one. It's very fruit and floral, it's also quite sweet and warm. Perfect for all year round especially when it's cold. If you like sweet scents then this is perfect. 30ml bottle is priced £25 and can also be purchased from Boots.

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche is my personal favourite and one that I wear everyday. It's floral and just the right mixture of musk and sweetness it sits in the middle of the two. Perfect for both casual and formal occasions and last all day long. This fragrance is perfect if you don't like too sophisticated smells or too sweet smells, it's like baby bear's's just right. 35ml Bottle can once again be purchased from Boots for £46.

This scent is very exotic and coconutty it gives me memories of sunny happy holidays, so it's perfect for summer and also perfect for Winter (something to cheer you up when it's cold). Not to mention how cool is this bottle? It's from the Pop Electric collection which is inspired by modern street murals and sculptures. I used to collect so many Harajuku lovers and I think I might have to start again.  These can be purchased from The Perfume Store here.

These were PR samples - ALL views are my own


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